In Person Training Sessions

The one on one (or couples) Fink Fitness workout experience is located in Laurel, Maryland! It’s time for you to invest in your health and fitness! Bryan creates individualized and motivating workout plans to help clients achieve their fitness goals. Regardless of what your fitness goals may be, Bryan provides a fun, positive and safe experience for all fitness levels. Bryan strives to provide the absolute best physical and mental guidance while monitoring clients’ progress on a regular basis. Don’t put your fitness goals on the back burner any longer! Message us today for more information and to begin your very own in person training sessions!

1 session – $65/hour
5 sessions – $60/hour
10 sessions – $55/hour
20 sessions – $50/hour

Doubles Training (2 Individuals):

Per session – $90/hour
$45 per person

Triples Training (3 Individuals):

Per session – $120/hour
$40 per person

Quadruples Training (4 Individual):

Per session – $140/hour
$35 per person

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Virtual Personal Training

Your very own personal trainer in your home- virtually! The same individualized Fink Fitness workout experience (as explained in the above description) that you would get during an in person session, except it’s virtual! Using verbal cues and visual demonstrations, Bryan guides clients through workouts planned exclusively for them and their fitness goals. Bryan provides the same level of motivation, energy and personalized care that he would during an in person session. Message us today to schedule your first virtual personal training session!

$50/ea. – Per Session
$45/ea. – 5 Sessions 
$40/ea. – 10 Sessions 

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Ask us about large group in person or virtual training info and rates!

Nutritional Coaching

At Fink Fitness, we help clients develop and progress towards their personal wellness goals by empowering them to take responsibility for their own health and nutrition. We place NUTRITION at the very top of the Fink Fitness fundamentals. We feel your nutrition has the potential to make the biggest positive or negative impact on your health. We also place a huge emphasis on education, because we believe that if you know why you are doing something, that knowledge will guide you in making optimal nutritional decisions. Ultimately, we will help you gain the confidence to know what to eat and when to eat it in order to create long term success and maintain balance with your nutrition. Over the course of 4-8 weeks, you will learn why certain nutritional choices may be more optimal than others depending on the time of day that you’re implementing  them. We will discuss each macronutrient(PROTEINS, FATS, CARBS) in detail and help you understand the importance that each plays within the body. We will also help you become more familiar with the important role that micronutrients play in maintaining a healthy mind and body. At Fink Fitness, we understand that food is fuel, and food is information being sent into the body. We also understand that food has the ability to affect people differently, however, we would love to share with you our experiences with nutrition and how we’ve been able to use nutrition to optimize energy, improve sleep, reduce inflammation, all while trying to reduce the risk of sickness and disease. We strive to create a better relationship with food, cooking and even grocery shopping. We are here to bridge the gap between the desire to be healthy and actually being healthy. Let’s get started today!

How it works!

  1. We begin with a comprehensive virtual discussion about your current eating habits and the positive impact of some potential changes. During this call we will take a look at what you currently have in your fridge, freezer and pantry. From our experiences, we’ll discuss what should stay, what should go, and what needs to be added based on your personal health and wellness needs.
  2. Next up- Grocery shopping! A detailed grocery list will be constructed and tailored just for you based on our initial intake discussion. Items and ingredients to stay away from will be noted on the list.
  3. Basic cooking tips and tricks will be provided. We won’t leave you wondering how to use new ingredients or how to incorporate different foods into your diet!
  4. Weekly check-ins: two planned check-ins per week. During these check-ins, we will discuss your progress and make adjustments accordingly. This is the time for you to ask any questions that you may have regarding nutrition!
  5. Continued support- After your in-depth 4-8 week nutritional coaching program is over, feel free to shoot us a message with any inquiries and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible! After all, you will be considered a Fink Fitness family member and we are always here to help and support our family!

Available Plans:

  • $175 – 4 weeks
  • $250 – 6 weeks
  • $320 – 8 weeks

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Custom Workout Plans

When it comes to improving your health and fitness, we believe it’s very important to have well defined goals. Whether your goal is to get really strong, lose weight, improve flexibility, gain muscle mass, improve core strength, build explosiveness, improve your balance and posture, or any combination of the above, we believe that it’s imperative that your training program reflects those goals.

We have come across countless individuals over the years that have been working towards improving a specific goal, however, when we take a look at their training protocol, the training is not structured in a manner that is optimally leading them to their desired outcome. For example, in our opinion, if you want to become stronger, there are some “must have” fundamental exercises that you should be implementing in your workout routine. Going even deeper, there are some specific rep ranges that should be adhered to if strength is your desired goal. And more times than not, we encounter individuals that are truly working hard at their goal, but they’re not taking the most optimal approach.

From our experiences, we have found that success leaves clues. We have not reinvented the wheel in any way, we have simply done our research and studied the habits and routines of successful people who have demonstrated an understanding of the necessary actions it takes to achieve the desired outcome.

If you’re looking for a customized workout program, you’ve come to right place! Signup today and we will start by having a conversation about your fitness goals. Once we are able to understand your goals, we will create an effective structured 2-4 week program specifically designed for your needs and fitness level.

Available Plans:

  • $225 – 2 week exercise program
  • $390 – 4 week exercise program

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60 Minute Phone or Virtual Nutritional Coaching Kickstart

Are you interested in creating a better relationship and understanding with food? In our opinion, if you’re looking to make the biggest positive change with your health and wellness, NUTRITION is held above everything else. At Fink Fitness, we believe proper nutrition is non-negotiable if you want to optimize the process of improving your overall health and fitness. We love to eat, and we strongly believe that your food should be full of flavor and enjoyed, but with that said, it is also good to understand that certain important nutrients sometimes have unique flavor profiles. From our experiences, when you truly begin to understand how certain nutrients affect the mind and body, it makes the decision of what, when, and why to eat much simpler. Let’s have a conversation and help to get you thinking differently about food and maybe change your relationship with it all together! We can help you create some new healthy habits and kickstart your nutritional journey!

Available Plans:

  • $50 – 60 minute phone/virtual discussion

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Mat, 38

I came to Bryan with daily discomfort from a multitude of sports injuries that have prohibited me from countless activities. My goal was simple: I want to overcome daily discomfort and gain all around strength and flexibility. After years of exploring various outlets of treatment, a few surgeries, physical therapy, and exercise, I’ve never found anything that yielded the results I needed. After a few months of working out regularly with Bryan and implementing his fitness and nutritional guidance, I can honestly say it’s been 20 years or so since I’ve felt this good. It’s his attention to detail, obsession over form, and artful selection of combined movements that prove this man knows his craft.

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Konetta, 36

When I began training with FitFinkFam about two months ago I had just had a baby and my goal was to lose weight and to improve my endurance. I felt completely out of shape and defeated. So far, not only have I lost almost 20 pounds but I feel stronger and healthier overall. I love the way that each FitFinkFam session challenges me to dig a little deeper.

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Lindsey, 35

Bryan is very creative with our workouts, and encourages me to step out of my comfort zone in each training session. After just a short amount of time, I’m already feeling and looking stronger, and most of all, I’m learning so much about how to make the most of every workout. Bryan is a great instructor and I’m glad that I signed up with FitFinkFam!

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Will, 23

Bryan is an incredible personal trainer! He brings the knowhow and enthusiasm to be able to push you to the next level. I’ve been working out for several years and never tried a trainer because I thought I didn’t need one, but Bryan was exactly what I needed! He breaks everything down so you understand why you are doing each exercise and he ensures that the movements you are doing are sustainable while maximizing your full potential and range of motion. He’s an upbeat, fun and enthusiastic teacher. He truly personalizes each workout. No matter what stage you are in your fitness career I’m positive that Bryan will be able to help you reach your goals!

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Donna, 57 & David, 60

Bryan has a vast understanding of fitness and he helps us understand the dynamics and benefits of our workouts. He caters the sessions to our wants, needs and abilities to ensure we get the most out of each exercise. Bryan (and Jenny) always keep it fresh, fun and interesting. His friendly and positive personality make him #1 in our book. 

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Jean, 56

What I love about Bryan are his multitude of customized workouts designed specifically for my personal needs and development. He pays great attention to form and his depth of knowledge about what specific muscles are targeted by any given exercise is second to none. He is super encouraging and positive at the same time challenging me to the next level. He is passionate about fitness and helping people achieve their fitness goals. I gave up my gym membership to workout with Bryan and he is well worth it!

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Allan, 74

Since 2013, from a freezing unheated garage thru numerous basements to the current FitFinkFam studio, I have trained with Bryan Fink two-three times per week continuously. He keeps me fit, strong, healthy and engaged during his well thought through program and sessions. You just cannot work yourself out with the same focus, dedication and intensity provided by supportive trainers like Bryan and Jenny.

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