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Our Fink Fitness mission is simple. Bring health and happiness into the lives of many by sharing our experiences in fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness. When you become a part of Fink Fitness, we will take the time to explain the hierarchy of the Fink Fitness Fundamentals. We believe that in order to optimize your health, a multifaceted approach is necessary when life long health and happiness is the ultimate goal. Therefore, our approach to health and wellness is rooted in these four Fink Fitness fundamentals, NUTRITION, SLEEP, STRESS MANAGEMENT, and TRAINING. After gaining a better understanding of why each of these fundamentals is so vital in optimizing your health, we strongly feel that you will be much more successful as you take purposeful action towards creating an abundance of health and happiness in your life.

Bryan Fink

Bryan grew up playing every sport under the sun, and from a very young age he developed a love for health and fitness. Over the years his passion for exercise grew exponentially, and sharing what he was learning with others began to feel like his calling. While attending the University of Maryland, he began working at a local gym. Bryan obtained his personal training certification (NSPA), and quickly grew his clientele base. 

In 2013, Bryan started his own personal training business called Fink Fitness. He successfully ran his personal training business for several years until ultimately transitioning into a career in law enforcement.

Bryan greatly enjoyed his time spent as a police officer, and undoubtedly grew as a person during his time spent on the force. In March of 2020, Bryan made the decision to leave his career as a law enforcement officer, and follow his health and fitness industry passion. 

Bryan and his wife Jenny officially became Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Fink on 07/27/2019. They have been together since 2012 after their first date at the gym, of course.

Jenny is a self-taught cook of twenty plus years with a passion for preparing delicious and nutritious foods. The kitchen is her happy place, and sharing her recipes and cooking ideas with others brings her so much joy.

Jenny started putting pen to paper and developing healthier versions of her favorite meals in 2013, and has been perfecting these recipes and creating new ones ever since. Jenny feels that exercise and proper nutrition go hand in hand and that it is important to incorporate both for optimum fitness results.

By combining proper exercise, nutrition and the right attitude both Bryan and Jenny believe that any fitness dream is possible. Jenny enjoys supporting Bryan by keeping nutrition top of mind at home, as he helps others reach their fitness goals.

Bryan and Jenny welcomed their first son on February 1, 2024, Walker Bryant Fink. They are excited to teach him all the benefits of a healthy life style!

Bryan strives to share his knowledge whether it be through social media outlets or in person training sessions. Are you ready to be a part of the Fink Fitness Family? What are you waiting for?!

Evan Kittrell

Evan has been active from a young age. At 4 years old, he started taking dance classes in the styles of ballet, tap and jazz. Soon after, he began competing nationally and internationally, earning many awards and accolades over the years. While growing up, he was also an active Boy Scout, culminating at age 17 when he earned his Eagle Scout. In high school, Evan started teaching the next generation of male dancers in the styles of tap and hip hop at Stars Studio.

After graduating high school, Evan followed his passion for helping people by entering into caregiving. He spent 2 years as an in home caregiver, assisting an elderly couple with medical and personal needs on a day to day basis.

In 2018, Evan made the decision to enlist in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman in order to gain more training in the medical field. Due to his high scores and aptitude in his Corpsman training, he was selected to specialize as a Surgical Technologist, which required additional training and practical’s. After earning a top 3 placement in his class, he received orders to Jacksonville, Florida where he was stationed at Naval Hospital Jacksonville (NAS JAX).

As a Surgery Tech, Evan spent time in the operating room, circulating and assisting with OBGYN and Ortho surgeries. He then moved into the Sterile Processing Department (SPD) where he quickly made impacts and became a pillar of the department. Due to his knowledge, attention to detail, and natural leadership presence, he earned the position of shift lead, and eventually moved into the Work Center Supervisor role.

Evan completed his military contract separated from the Navy in May of 2023. In his time in the military, he earned an Armed Forces Service Medal for his service on the front lines of Covid relief at Stamford Heath Hospital in Connecticut during the spring/summer of 2020. He also earned a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (NAM) for his direct actions that lead to the successful continuation of surgical cases and hospital sterilization during major power outages in Jacksonville. After his military service, Evan continued to stay active, and began pursuing his personal training certification. Evan and his wife Cheyenne moved back to their hometown in Maryland in the Summer of 2023. Evan then began working as a middle school PE teacher for Mother Seton Academy in Baltimore. In March 2024, Evan earned his personal training certification (NASM), and is looking forward to working with Fink Fitness to continue to grow and develop as a Personal Trainer!

Christina Berencz


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