Christina has practiced yoga almost daily for the past eight years, and has received much benefit from the practice! Christina began her yoga practice while going through a chronic digestive illness that caused major weight loss and weakness. No longer able to do cardio or weight training (or training with Bryan), Christina started trying some yoga online and at a local studio. She found so much benefit, both physically and mentally.  The stretches and gentle strength training helped ease physical discomfort, while focus on breath and positive energy had an immense emotional benefit.  Yoga became a daily practice, and now Christina can’t imagine her life without it.  

About a year ago, Bryan suggested to Christina that she should think about teaching yoga. Christina would often mention yoga during their training sessions, and Bryan saw the potential for Christina to share her love of yoga and expand Fink Fitness’ offerings. Christina completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in October 2023.  She is excited to bring yoga and all of its benefits to you!

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